School milk provider

  • Published on: 21 December 2014
  • By: Admin

You may not be aware, but under the new School Food Plan, the Government have stipulated that from January 2015, all children in primary and secondary schools are to be offered milk on a daily basis whilst in school and your school has decided to use Milk4Life to administer the milk scheme on their behalf and as such, please find attached the instructions in a 10 step format for you to follow to register your child and order and pay for your milk. Obviously, initially, you will have to fill in all your details so our system can set you up a new account but then going forward you will have your own account number where you can then re-order milk at a later date.

Providing milk at school is an extremely good and easy way of helping to give your child part of their daily calcium requirements and of course has many other nutritional benefits as follows:

  • Milk is packed with calcium needed to build strong bones
  • It provides a broad range of other essential minerals
  • It provides a wide range of vitamins
  • Milk is a great source of body-building protein and energy

No other drink delivers such a nutritional package. Milk is natural with no additives and is also safe for teeth. Dentists and dieticians agree that the safest drinks for children are milk and water, especially between meals.

If you need anything further, please feel free to get in touch using our on-line enquiry form.