Registration form

Why register?

Congratulations... you are one click away from registering your School with Milk4Life Ltd. Registering your school or nursery enables the parents to purchase milk on-line and your school to benefit from all of the following points below:

  • Contract Management – as a supplier to the authorities 
  • A first class dedicated support service for schools
  • To work with and support school caterers on health promotion events, i.e. calcium awareness days
  • To liaise and work with Healthy Schools Coordinators, School Nurses, Dieticians, Nutritionists and Oral Health Professionals to promote the benefits of milk for children
  • To bring the farmers into the classroom to offer educational and informative discussions about dairy farming
  • To link up smaller local suppliers SME’s (small medium enterprises) and dairy processors by tendering for Local Government business either on behalf of these these small businesses

If you would like to know more before you register your school please feel free to call us on 01785 286 823 or fill out our short enquiry form today.